Battle of the Buldge

By Ben, Zach, and Joe


fought in the winter months of 1944-1945. A battle between the United States and the Nazi's.

What were they fighting for?

They were fighting for a midpoint where several roads connected. The operator of these roadways would have a major advantage because they could get supplies, troops, and medical supplies.

What was Hitler trying to accomplish?

Since the German army was beaten and almost out of the war, this was their last attack to take a major super power out of the war so they could continue. Hitler was trying to wipe out the U.S. army. With out this major roadway, the German troops were at a major disadvantage, and the Americans would have a big lead.

End of Battle

At the end of the battle, after Siege of Bastogne, the battle for St. Vith, and the Malmedy massacre, the Americans had disabled the German attack, and captured the roadway. Now they had taken Germany out of the war and the only Axis power left was japan. This was only a small part of the world war, but a major impact on Germany and the outcome of the War.