Lot's O' Land!

Only 12.5 cents per acre!

Are you in need of some space? A fresh start? Need to get rid of your debts?

Stephen F. Austin is selling land for the cheap price of 12.5 cents per acre. The weather is nice. There is a good amount of rainfall, and there is plenty of land to choose from! You can leave all your debts and problems behind for a new start. Actually, just the wonderful smell of the grassy outside should be enough for you to come on over! Come to Stephen F. Austin for a fresh, new life!

Terms and Conditions:

  • You must, if not already, become Roman Catholic.
  • No frontiersman who has no other occupation than that of a hunter will be received.
  • No drunkard, no gambler, no profane swearer, no idler will be received.
  • You must convert your loyalty to Mexico.
  • You must give up your rights as citizens of the United States.