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The Week Ahead

M/W/F-Language of the Day (LOD) is Spanish

T/ Th-Language of the Day (LOD) is English

Monday, February 8

  • Lesson Plans and Newsletters
  • Worth the Wait continues in 6th

Tuesday, February 9

  • Progress Reports go out
  • Valentine Pictures start at 8:30
  • Deaf Ed RtI @ 3:45

Wednesday, February 10

  • Joy at Principal meetings all day

Thursday, February 11

  • Cici's Night 5-7...Need volunteers ASAP
  • 1st grade collaboration

Friday, February 12

  • Behavior RtI
  • Spirit Store
  • Class parties begin at 2:00
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Happy February Birthdays!

Feb 18-Cassie Bell

Feb 21-Rhiannon Montgomery

Feb 21-Jenny Stilwell


Morning Announcements: Ranft/Dean

Character First Trait for February: Forgiveness

Valentine Pictures....Benefiting Camp Grady Spruce!

Valentine Photo Booth!

Show us your best Valentine smile!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

8:00 a.m. to noon

Bill Wright Elementary Library

Cost: only $3.00!!

Pictures will be sent home on

Friday, February 12


Please return this form along with payment. ($3.00 per photo)

Student Name_____________________________

Teacher___________ Grade _______________

Names of any other children to be in photo


** 4 student limit per photo (expect for siblings) **

Total amount paid: _______________

** Form is required for picture to be taken .**

Celebrating Each Other!

5th grade team for taking care of Yanet

Marianne Lusk-already on a roll!

Mrs. Martha-thank you for being so dependable

Coach Skidmore

Love and Logic-Help for Busy, Overwhelmed Parents

How to end arguing and manipulation
When parents can remain calm and respond to arguing with simple phrases, such as "I love you too much to argue" or "What did I say?" their children begin to learn that arguing and manipulating does not pay.

How to avoid power struggles while helping their children learn to make good choices
Many of the power struggles parents find themselves pulled into start when they try to ensure that their kids don't make mistakes. Small mistakes and their associated consequences help kids develop the wisdom to avoid making larger ones later on.

Tools for neutralizing defiance
Parents can side-step power struggles by responding to statements like "you can't make me" by saying, "I'm going to have to do something about this…but not now. We’ll talk later." Delaying consequences gives parents time to calm down and consider effective consequences.

How to replace anger and frustration with empathy
When we provide empathy before consequences our kids are forced to think about their poor decisions rather than our anger. That's what really makes learning happen!
The Power to Overcome