Clackamas River Chinooks!

December 3, 2021

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Week 11 CRE Movie
Good Afternoon Chinooks!

Welcome back! We have enjoyed welcoming all students back in the building this week. Their energy has been great as we buckle down and work through a solid three weeks of learning before the winter break.

Please remember that if you are dropping your student off in the morning, look for the adult directing traffic in the parking lot. Our lines are beginning to build back up with folks letting students out before pulling forward. It goes much faster with 4 cars full of students (two in front of the crosswalk, and 2 behind) exiting at the same time.

Our latest guidance from the state has allowed us to remove the outdoor mask mandate. Your student, regardless of activity, is now able to follow the discretion of the family when deciding to wear the mask when outside. While inside the building, the mandate has remained the same. Please know that some masks are not CDC approved and your student will need to replace or double up on masks if they choose to wear one to school. A good test is to attempt to blow out a candle. If they are able to do so, the mask does not meet the requirements.

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Christina Anderson


Clackamas River

Kindness Chains
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Emergency Broadband Benefits

There is a program being offered to families through the government. It is for families that may need to get the Internet into their homes. They want all students to have access to the internet.

Families can go to Reliance connect's website and the very first thing that comes up is the Emergency Broadband Benefit program.

Follow the prompts through the different paperwork and it is fairly easy to apply.

Families can receive $50.00 a month toward getting their internet connected. All they have to do is follow the links. Most of the programs through Reliance are only $59.00 so this would cover all but 9.00.

Families can qualify if they:

1- are low income,

2-have children that qualify for free and reduced lunches,

3-Received a Federal Pell Grant,

4-Are SNAP eligible,

5- Had a substantial loss of income due to job loss or were furloughed and had an income of below 99,000.00 single filers and 198,000.00 for Joint filers.

Or go directly to

If the families cannot afford the $9.00 there is a program through the State of Oregon that will help with the last part.




Oregon Public Utility Commission

PO Box 2148

Salem OR 97308

1-800-848-4442 or 503-373-7171

1-800-648-3458 (TTY)

971-239-5845 (Videophone)

Fax: 1-877-567-1977 or 503-378-6047

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Building Budgets

Below is the building budget for at Clackamas River. Each year the building is given this budget to spend on additional curriculum, training, materials, and student supplies. In an effort to be transparent with our spending, you can see our year to date totals. We welcome any and all questions about our spending at Clackamas River.
Finance Update: November 2021
Operations Update: November 2021 - River Mill Elementary Tour
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