Don't Run He'll Find You

He Is The Summoner

The Summoner brings persons accused of violating Church law to ecclesiastical (church related) court.

The summoner would supoena people to appear before an ecclesiastical court and must say why they are to be summoned to court. His power was inquisitorial.

He was not very popular. they were a ecclesiastic villain who was no less moral than anyone breaking cannon laws. summoners were condemned for extortion in 1342 by council of London and by Parliament in 1378.

The summoner could lie in court to get people to be excommunication and people high in church were corrupt because they had high education levels and were intelligent.

Caucer leaves out details of the Summoner's wife, implying she is not important.

A modern day occupation that mirrors the occupation that the Summoner does would be a Process Server. A process server delivers legal documents to individuals involved in a court case.


The Summoner was enraged by the tale that the Friar told, quaking in anger. Since, he says, you have all listened to the Friar lie, please do listen to my tale. The Summoner claims that friars and friends are one and the same. He tells a short anecdote in his prologue. One day, a friar was brought to hell and led up and down by angel, and was surprised to see no friars there. are friars so graceful, he asked, that they never come to hell? The angel told him that many millions of friars came to hell, and led him directly to Satan. Satan had a tails as broad as a sailing ship, and the angel called to Satan to lift up his tail. Satan did, and twenty thousand friars swarmed out of his arse like bees from a hive.

Part 3

Chaucer's opinion towards my character is he hates my character with a passion. Chaucer shows this in line 646 of the summoner's prologue saying "Children were afraid when he appeared". The word choice that require an understanding in this middle ages English are cherubim, carbuncles

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