Lakewood Elementary Library

Room 211

Welcome to the library!

Our school library is a place to learn and explore. Our goal is for the library to be the heart of the school and for our students to feel welcome and comfortable here. We also believe the library is a great place to gain independence and plant the seeds for life long learning.
Students come to the library with their classes, and they can come independently during daily open circulation time (7:45-8:30; 2:30-2:55). After school hours are every Tuesday and Thursday.
See you at the library!
Thank you,
Robin Pattillo

Lakewood Elementary Librarian

Robin Wootan Pattillo

Speaking of President's Day....

Hello, My Name is Madison

Hello, my name is Madison.
I live on Lincoln Street.
I’m in the state of Washington.
I think that’s pretty neat.

My middle name is Kennedy.
My last name is Monroe.
My name has got more Presidents
than anyone I know.

My father’s name is Harrison.
My brother’s name is Grant.
My mother’s name is Reagan,
and Taylor is my aunt.

I go to Eisenhower School.
My family drives a Ford.
That’s way too many Presidents
to ever be ignored.

It can’t just be coincidence.
It’s not some chance event.
When I grow up, it’s obvious…
I’ll be the President!

--Kenn Nesbitt

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