The Lowell System Arrangement

Industrial Revolution: A Change in Ways

The Journey

Girls of all ages from New England came to the small city of Lowell to help Francis C. Lowell. His idea of the Lowell system was based on many unmarried women who agreed to work on looms and other machines for just a small pay of $2-$4 per week. This mill of girls opened in 1814, and all women from across the country just to get money to life off life. The average girl would start at the age about 9(like this girl to the left) and work for about 4 more years if they needed the money. All girls had to wear their hair back so it wouldn't get caught in machines;and on other days would have a number of bruises and scratches on their arms from working in the mill.

This mill has workers coming in and out, and will be looking for more sometime soon. Girls in these mills will have gone through getting harmed but also for the help of Lowell. In this mill, there are textile machines including the flying shuttle which allows weavers to weave at a faster pace. Another is Spinning Jenny, invented by James Hargreaves, this machine was an improvement of the spinning wheel. The water frame was another machine along with the many, that was the first of many textile machines that made cloth and fabric from cotton.

New Tools for Living

Water Frames for Sell!

We have a variety of water frames, from a foot tall, to 8 feet tall. This have just been recently made and have the best condition. These water frames were originally invented by Richard Arkwright(an Englishman) in 1769. In 1771, Arkwright installed the water frame in his cotton mill at Cromford, Derby-shire, on the River Derwent, creating one of the first factories that was specifically built to house machinery rather than just bringing workers together. These machines are based on steam work, but for these magnificent machines; it's worth it. Come down to Joe's Magic Machines to purchase your own Water Frame!