Middle East Breaking News

By Briana Hopp

Dry Riverbeds transform into Rivers

Wadi is a dry riverbed filled by rainwater from rare downpours. The rainfall from those downpours irrigates fertile crop lands in the valleys.

The Richest Soil

An alluvial plain is Area that is built up by rich fertile soil left by river floods.the alluvial plain is between the two major rivers Tigris and Euphrates. Most of the people farm here.

Watery Rock

An aquifer is an Underground rock layer that water flows through. No permanent rivers belong where the aquifers are. There are some pipe lines from underground water from the deserts to coastal areas.
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Oil Has Done What?

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in Southwest Asia. In Saudi Arabia oil has helped boost the standard of living. But by the end of A.D.900s the Arib Empire had broken into smaller kingdoms.
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The Shaky North

In the center of Turkey a plateau region rimmed by mountains sits there. It is known as Anatolia. Very severe earthquakes are taken place in Northern Turkey. Turkey is still seeking to be able to join the European Union.
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Shall it be Positive or Negative?

The Awan Dam has very good reasons to have it,but also has very bad reasons not to have it. Good things may be like how it gives people control over the Niles flood. It also allows farmers to harvest 2 or 3 crops a year. Bad things may be like how it blocks the flow of silt making farmlands less fertile. It also gives less fresh water from reaching delta.
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