will you survive third grade

Megan Ava Michael


Theme you have to go deeper in the story.you start with finding the setting.then you find the theme.

Letter: you start with the date.then the header.and then the body.and last the closing.

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Multiplication:repeated addition .you make it shorter when you make just two numbers.you can just skip count.

Fractions:a whole split into any number.you can do them on a number line.and you can also use it on a pie.and many other things

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weather tool:you can use a thermometer to see the temp. outside.A anemometer measures wind speed.a rain gauge measures how much rain is pooring. A barometer measures air pressure.

Heat:metal conducts heat the best.a wooden spoon does not melt stuff really easy it takes it a long time.But with metal it melts really quick.

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social study's

Continents:there are 7 continents in the whole world. we learned about Africa Asia and all the other ones.you get to see what all of there population and all the other things.

importing/exporting:when we are importing we are bringing goods into our country.when we are exporting we are sending goods to another country.we import and export alot and many hours of hard work is done.

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our patriot life skill

Integrity we picked this because you always need to do the right thing even when nobody's watching.
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our favorite activity was science day

Science day because we got to learn things in a really fun way
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