By: Sean Dobens

Giorgione Biography

Giorgione an artist from Castelfranco, Italy. He was born in 1477, there is no specific date when he was born. Giorgione died October 24, 1510 in Venice Italy. Giorgiones career occupies a very short period of time, his mood through color, light, and atmosphere give it a dream like paintings. Giorgiones real name is Giorgio (Zorzi) da Castelfranco. There is no information of his family in his early years. Giorgione died of the plague at the age of 33

Artwork between 1485-1510

Il Tramonto (The Sunset)

This painting is based around humanism, because it shows on how people are always there for one and another even though they might not like each other. This photo shows humanism by the two people at the bottom, and it looks like one of them is caring for the other one, even though he might be sick or injured.