What Is That?

The Truth about the Carse Penobe!

What's it called?

In the grasslands there is a new animal roaming the grass. This animal is the new Carse Penobe. You may be wondering what that is. This is a camel, from the hot and sandy desert, mixed with a horse, from anywhere in the world, amobe and penicillin. I mixed these animals so it could survive in it's new environment. I mixed it with a horse because it has hooves that can be better used on the soft and squishy dirt.I mixed it with amobe so it would be hard to kill and live for a very long time. Lastly I mixed it with penicillin so it could be a medicine.

The Exotic Look to Match It's Name.

What does it look like?

This animal comes in many different colors. These range from white, black, brown, red, and grey. Some have decorative spots. It has two large humps on it's back which holds water and penicillin. The body is strong like a horse and the curved head is also like a horse. This exotic animal only eats grass. Some of them eat fruit. This animal survives by holding lots of water. It also survives by using some of the penicillin when it gets sick.

Do You Know?

The Carse Penobe only responds to the person who has had it since it was a baby. This animal is also very active. It likes to move around and run. To get this animal to go to sleep you have to put it in the stables with a blanket over it. To calm it down a little you have to give it a little bit of warm water or milk.