Colonial Times

Women of the 1700's

Women's Jobs

A woman's job is to take care of her husband, the household, and her children. It is a woman's duty to marry and do what needs to be done at home for her husband. Some of the jobs that need to be done at the household include, cooking and cleaning, butchering foul, making cheese, sewing clothing, making soap, and preserving vegetables. Because women have many duties at the household it would not be right for them to become educated and have a job. Their job is to take care of their family. Women also don't need a job because their social status is already decided through her husband. If a woman can take care of what needs to be done at home, why would they need another job? A women's place is at the household and nowhere else.

The Interests of Women

Along with a women's job as being a good wife and mother, women also have some interests. One of the most common things that a women would be doing in her down time is sewing. Sewing is really one of the only interests that women should be allowed to have. Women have no right to go to college or be in politics, so sewing and cleaning are the hobbies of many women.

Women's Fashion

It is only proper and ladylike for a woman to wear a full length dress with a corset underneath and a fine pair of shoes. Women are not permitted to wear pants, for it is not considered ladylike.

Involvement of Women in the War

This great war has been the first opportunity for women to really become active in society. Up to this point women have been very important in the war. They have boycotted British goods, collected money and petition signatures, home manufactured supplies, provided services to the Patriot army that men couldn't, supervised farms while their husbands are away, and they have written inspirational poems, plays, and books. The war up to this point has given women many opportunities to become a part of society.

Treatment of Women

Women are considered lower class to men. A women is not allowed to get an education, vote, or speak their opinion in public. If a women is to outspoken her husband is allowed to beat her in order to put her in line. The husband also has full rights to a woman's children if they get a divorce. All of these things put women in the place that they should be, which is lower than men.