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ESL Newsbrief - April 2016

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English Language Learner Student Information Updated in TIDE System

Accommodations for English Language Learners (ELL's) have been updated in the Ohio Department of Education's Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE). The following accommodations are available to ELL's depending on their English language proficiency level:

  • All ELL's are eligible for extended time and the use of a word-to-word bilingual dictionary on all AIR Ohio State Tests.

  • All ELL's regardless of their language proficiency level and the number of years they have been enrolled in United States schools must take the English Language Arts AIR Ohio State Test.

    • Extended time and dictionary are the only available accommodations for ELL’s taking the ELA assessments.

    • Consider scheduling ELL's in a separate testing session to allow for the extended time accommodation.

    • Scores for first and second year ELL’s will not count against district report cards.

  • English Language Learners are encouraged to use the universal text-to-speech with tracking accommodation when taking the Math, Science, and Social Studies AIR Ohio State Tests.

  • Students operating at the pre-functional and beginning levels of English language proficiency will be offered the use of an interpreter and scribe.

    • Spanish speaking ELL's operating at the pre-functional and beginning levels of English language proficiency will have the Spanish text-to-speech with tracking accommodation turned on for them to use when taking the Math, Science, and Social Studies AIR OST assessments.

    • Beginning English Learners who speak a language other than Spanish will be provided over-the-shoulder interpreter and scribing services (whenever possible).

Please refer to the Interpreter Needs for Spring AIR OST Spreadsheet (linked below) and work with your buildings ESL Teacher top schedule testing sessions for our English Language Learners. The spreadsheet shows students that need an interpreter (or Spanish text-to-speech) and/or scribe. In most cases, we have hired interpreters from Global 2 Local to work under the direction of our district's ESL Teachers and Native Language Support Personnel. Time slots show in green indicate the an interpreter has been scheduled. Please click on the button below to access the spreadsheet.

Upcoming OELPA Due Dates

Over the past month, the ESL Department has been administering the new Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessments (OELPA) in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The testing window officially ends on April 22, 2016. We would like for ESL Teachers to make an appointment with Susan Cox on April 18- April 20, 2016, to turn in their K-1 paper writing assessments and EMIS Data Collection Sheet for OELPA.


The ESL Staff will be meeting at the School Board for an ESL Department End-of-Year Meeting and ELLevation Training on May 16, 2016.