Market Night

March 20, 2014

West Jackson

Home of the Young Entrepreneurs

Market Night March 20

During the Language Arts/Social Studies Night

Sixth Grade Social Studies Classes will be holding our Market Night

How it Works:

  1. Students brainstorm ideas for a business they will run at the market.

  2. Students choose to work alone, as partners, or as a team.

  3. Students design their business: Signs, Ads, making their product, etc.

  4. On March 20th students will need to set up their booth and be prepared to serve their customers.

  5. Parents, Family, and Friends will bring money to buy products from the booths.

  6. Just for the night of March 20th, West Jackson is a small independent country, so US Dollars must be exchanged at our Foreign Exchange Table for West Jackson Bucks. [All money collected will be used to buy materials for our 6th grade Social Studies Classes]

  7. Customers buy whatever they want and our young entrepreneurs will try to earn the most possible West Jackson Bucks.

  8. After Market Night, students will bring the West Jackson Bucks they have earned to a Entrepreneurs Auction where they can bid on all kinds of goodies. The more they earned the better and more goodies they can buy.

What We Need:


  1. A commitment to being here for Market Night on March 20th.

  2. Students who will help work our Foreign Exchange Table. [We will pay you in West Jackson Bucks]

  3. Creativity and good entrepreneurial instincts to develop goods and services customers will want to buy.

  4. Good work ethic and dependability. [If you are part of a team, they are depending on you.

  5. Encourage your parents, Family, and Friends to come and shop, shop, shop.


  1. Be our guests at the market. Shop and buy.

  2. Encourage your child to be a good business owner.

  3. You are welcome to help your child develop their business, make products, make signs, etc.

  4. If you have anything we could add to our “Goodies” collection for the auction we would be very thankful!!

Donations for Our Auction

Economics is a concept many students have a hard time understanding. This activity is designed to give our students a real world hands on lesson of how economics work. We are running our market on a free market model where the motivation for entrepreneurs to do well is the rewards they earn. Since West Jackson Bucks will not buy them anything in the real world our auction is an essential part of the activity. Students will give their best work if they believe the reward is worthwhile. If you have anything you could contribute to our auction it will provide that motivation to work like a real entrepreneur in the real world.