Trip to Venezuela

Discover the beauties of this amazing country

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Take a journey to Venezuela through the natural wonders of this country. Venezuela is full of many different tourist attractions. Some of them may include swimming in beautiful beaches, exploring national parks, and sightseeing many different historical sites.


  • Capital: Caracas

  • Official Language: Spanish

  • Continent: South America


Venezuela is a warm, tropical place, but may be very humid. Temperature is typically between 79 degrees Fahrenheit to 82 degrees Fahrenheit all throughout the year. Touring Venezuela would be perfect to do when it is winter in the U.S.

Historical Sites

  • Solano Castle- It is a military castle built in 1766.
  • John the Baptist Monument- One of the tallest statues in Venezuela built in 1933.

and of course....

  • Angel Falls- World's highest waterfall.
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* Solano Castle


Venezuela's government is a federal presidential republic.Their president is Nicolás Maduro. The president's term is 6 years and they can become president as much as they want if they get elected.


There is approximately 30.41 million people as of 2013.


You can find many interesting places in Venezuela. There are many beaches, national parks. and cool activities. Who wouldn't want to relax on a beautiful beach?

  • Pico Bolívar- Tallest mountain in Venezuela, standing at 16,332 feet.
  • Angel Falls- Highest waterfall in the world. Three times as tall as the Eiffel Tower.
  • Isla de Margarita-104 miles of beaches. Largest island in the Venezuelan state of Nueva Esparta.
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* picture of Angel Falls

Monetary System

Venezuela's currency is called the Venezuelan Bolívar. One Venezuelan Bolívar = .16 of one U.S. Dollar.

Cultural Foods

Venezuela has many different types of dishes. Some of them may include; an empanada, a yo-yo, and dulce de leche.

An empanada is a deep-fried,stuffed corn flour patty, usually stuffed with diced meat such as beef or seafood and cheese.

A yo-yo is two fried plantains with cheese in between the two.

Dulce de Leche is sweetened milk cooked until it looks brown like caramel. This dish is eaten as a dessert and tastes like candy. In English, dulce de leche means caramel or sweet made of milk.

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* an empanada


       In Venezuela, there are many different holidays like the U.S. Carnival- A holiday usually on February 16th-17th. Carnival is a parade that involves tons of colors, games, fun, costumes, and music. It is the most anticipated holiday of the year for many Venezuelans.Independence Day- Independence Day is on July 5th. It is the day when the Venezuelan Declaration of Independence (Cinco de Julio) was adopted.
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* Carnival

Doesn't this country sound wonderful? If I were you I would save up! Touring Venezuela would be a life changing experience and you may only get to do it once. There are many different possibilities and things to do in this country. And don't forget the food!