Burning up our world

Facts about wildfires

Wildfires also known as forest fires or peat fires, can occurs anywhere and will destroy all in its path. Thay burn extremely hot and travel rapidly, changing direction quickly. Wildfires have been becoming larger and having a steadily bigger area in the western united states. They have been burning four times more often, lasting fives times longer, and burning six times more land.

Is global warming helping with fires?

Not every year has the likelihood of experiencing droughts and wildfires, but that may change. Global temperatures are rising and since the climate is changing, this is leading to a likely rise in wildfire incidences. With everything drying up down south, it increases the chance of wildfires destroying land, property, and forests.Weather conditions directly contribute to the wildfires, lightning strikes, dry spells, and droughts.

What else is helping wildfires?

Besides the natural cycle of the earth human activity is influencing the wildfires that occur in the year. Because of all the carbon that is released into the air created by human activity. This is causing global warming and heating up the earth once again causing wildfires, droughts, lightning strikes, and dry spells.

Kayla Palmer, Kori-Anne Marie Sullivan, Alice Warren, Amanda Wasiak