St. Peter Canisius

By: Olivia LeBlanc

What was his role?

He was on the side of Catholicism and helped reform the church in many ways. The most important thing to him was to get rid of the Protestant religion. His main job, assigned to him by the Pope, was to remove defective Catholics from Germany and return them to church.
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He helped put the reforms of the council of Trent into effect and was deeply involved in the issues that surrounded the church. He wrote three Catholic Catechisms for children, students, and adults so they were no longer ignorant about the faith. He was later canonized and named a Doctor of the church in 1925.
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Quote from St. Peter

"The fear of many people is greater than necessary, because they look for human and not divine help; they act in despair instead of praying with holy confidence for the oppressed Church."

Several Pictures of St. Peter