Wide-Open Windows

Meet Peace in Green

Open Call for Youth Exchange on Peace Education and Outdoor

Synergy Olde Vechte Foundation is applying for Youth Exchange for the upcoming Erasmus + Deadline (30/ 04/14). We aim to bring together Peace Educators and outdoor experts to challenge the existing pattern in Peace building and reconciliation. Also to reshape the understanding of Peace and conflict resolution while using outdoor as a tool combined with non-violent communication. The exchange will be partly indoor and partly outdoor oriented.

Wide-Open Windows will take place in autumn 2014 ( The exact dates will be announced later on directly to potential partners )

The objectives are following :

  • To bring together different stakeholders with different educational and professional background
  • To reshape and develop conceptual and practical meaning of Peace and Conflict Resolution while changing traditional way of thinking
  • To empower facilitators while creating new path to Peace
  • To unlock capacity and potential of participants which will lead to new understanding and methodology to tackle Peace and Conflict

Partners we are seeking for :

We invite organizations for partnership which are involved or having experience either in Peace-Building/ Peace Education or Outdoor or both of them.

We are open for organizations who are coming from EU and neighbor countries.

Deadline for expressing interest in Partnership

In case you are interested in this project and would like to be involved please do not hesitate to send us email to this following mail address within the subject line :

" Wide-Open Windows" _

info.oldevechte@gmail.com or call us directly _+31 529 451 963 -- Before 16th of April 2014

Synergy Olde Vechte Foundation

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