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April 6, 2018

Carnegie Conference

I hope you all had an amazing break and got some rest!!!! During the break I was fortunate to attend the Carnegie Summit. The conference focuses on improvement science. This years focus was empathy. I learned a lot about conducting empathy interviews and how they add to the landscape and narrative we are creating. Although I think empathy is actually one of my assets I learned how important it is to include in the data and story. What is the experience our students, families and teachers are feeling?

Another learning was about moments and how important they are in peoples lives and learning. Dan Heath spoke about how we build “peak moments.” Peak moments are comprised of experiences that elevate us, give us insight, provide a sense of pride and build a connection. Moments can spark wow thinking. Wow we can’t do that again or wow we need to do that. A moment can change a life!

Below are three videos.

1. Is about senior signing day in Texas similar to football signing day

2. A bank in Canada that understood their clients needs and showed they cared.

3. Empathy by Brene Brown

Realtionships are stronger when we are responsive!!

Senior Signing Day 2016 Opening

Pedro Noguera

He asks tough questions, that can be hard to hear. We all work hard and do the very best we can for kids. He challenges us to look at learning through an equity lens. He doesn't pull any punches!

Jeff Duncan Andrade

Ok one more!!! Another hero in equity!
Jeff Duncan-Andrade keynote at the 2017 Carnegie Summit

Upcoming Events


April 11 - Spring Picture Day

April 12 and 13 - Maite at a conference

April 16 - District Grade Level meeting 3:45pm at EV & Bullying Forum 6pm

April 17 - Purple Pinkie at lunch

April 18 - Oral Langauge Faire

April 16 to May 4 - ELPAC TK to First

April 23 - Staff Meeting 3:30pm (Bridges planning)

April 26 - Maite out all day at DO

April 27 - SSC 3:30pm & ELAC 6pm


May 4 - Cinco de mayo 5pm

May 7 - Staff Meeting 3:30pm

May 18 - Restructuring Team meeting

May 21 - Staff meeting 3:30pm (survey- bring laptops)

May 23 - Open House 5pm

May 24 - Coffee Cart & Maite out at DO

May 25 - EV Field Day, EV BBQ, SSC 3:30pm & ELAC 6pm

May 28 - Holiday

May 29 - Preschool grad

May 30 - Award Assembly 9am

May 31 - Promotion Ceremony 9am