Final Exam Project

by Saebom Oh, 5th.

List of topics

Revising and Editing

- Interesting vs Interested

- 3 vs Three

- Fragment

- Is vs Are

- Here vs Hear

- Run - On

- Become vs Becoming

Adverb Clauses

- Not putting a comma before the adverb clause

Troublesome Words

- Its vs It's


- Summary

Interesting vs Interested

Interesting is an adjective which describe somethings that person was interested at that.

Interested is an adjective which describe person's feeling at something that is interesting.

Ex )

I was so interested. ( Describe person feels )

This class is interesting. ( Describe about class )

3 vs Three

3 is a number that using at year and number.

Three is a number that using at other things without those.

Ex )

3 years ago. ( or 1942's ) / #3

Three, two, one. ( counting )

Has vs Have / Is vs Are

Has/Is is for she, he, it. Single.

Have/Are is for I, you, they. Plural.


Fragment is a sentence that is broken and separated.

Ex )

I got an apple. I ate. I went to home. I got rest.

Here vs Hear

Here is the place spoken person there.

Hear is the listen from spoken person says.

Ex )

Here I am!

Can you hear me?

Run - On

Run - on is the sentence continue wtihout stopping, and it looks weird.

Ex )

I got the car and I drove to the home with that, so I came to home then I got the rest with watshing television, also that made be feel free at night with food that I made last night.

Become vs Becoming

Become is the word for came at place.

Becoming is the word for being amy kind of person.

Ex )

I become to the New York.

I was becoming to the rich.

Not putting a comma before the adverb clause

We do not put the comma before the...

Time Relationships


Direct Contrast


These are adverb clauses without cause and affect.

Its vs It's

Its means something that possesions.

It's means cutted short of It is.

Ex )

Its her presious ball.

It's she who had same class with you last year.


Summary is made story at 1 ~ 8 sentences includes main important ideas.