fashion designer

Caitlyn Andrew


The best school to attend for this job is California college of arts that is at least one of the schools i would pick to go to.

The degree needed for this career is associate's degree or a bachelor's degree.

Skills Needed

If you are not that good at it you might need some training.

Licenses is not required. training is optional if you need help on it then yes.

You need math skills so you can know how much supplies you need.

Salary, Hours, Other

I would a least work full time and for me there will be no overtime cause i am already working full time.

the salary range for this career is in the united states you would get this much $46,678 is the salary.

Job duties/ main Tasks

the main tasks in this job are making clothing and trying to figure out what kind of stuff you need. and the responsibilities for this job are getting clothing material that you need and all the sizes and that stuff in order to get it right and make it to where somebody can fit and make sure that you have the material that you need.