The Hidden Life of Dogs


The book I read was called The Hidden Life of Dogs. The author of the book is Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, she was also the main character in the book to. I choose this book since it is all about dogs and how dogs think. Which I though would be very interesting, since I am a dog lover. So this book will tell you all about how dogs think and how they will react to things, also things like what they want and how similar dogs and wolves really are.


In the book The Hidden Life of Dogs the author Elizabeth want to find out all she can about dogs as possible, so she can answer the questions that everyone has about dogs. Three interesting things in the book was when she first started watching dogs, when she found out why a dog killed some puppy, and last is what makes her dogs howl.

Elizabeth gets really interested in dogs when her friend went out of town and Elizabeth took care of her husky Misha. When Elisabeth took care of Misha she started to think how do dogs think and what do they want. Since every day Misha would escape from the yard more matter how high the fence was. She always wounder where he going, how he know were he is going and how he knows how to get home. So Elizabeth started following Misha and they started going on so many tips together, most of the time he waited on her before going. When she follow him she found out that all he wants is to be with other dogs which come to find out that is want all dogs want.

Elizabeth was wanting puppy to be sled dogs so she breed one her dogs Koki and got a litter of puppies. At about the same time Viva a dingo gave birth to some unwanted puppies. So Elizabeth had two mother dogs with litters and about five more dogs at one time. One day when Elizabeth went to work she had all the dogs in different places. Koki in the kitchen, Viva in her bedroom and the other dogs outside. When Elizabeth came home that nigh she knew something was wrong and when she went to check on Viva, she was sitting in room with an empty nest and with Koki in the room with one of Viva's puppies in her mouth. She was able to get the puppy away from Koki which come to find out it was the only one of Viva's puppies that was alive. Koki had killed all the other puppies so her puppies would have the best chance to survive.

Though out having some many dogs Elizabeth found out that her dogs never howled just for the fun of it and Elizabeth started wondering what would make her dogs howl. Well after a while Elizabeth got her answer. Elizabeth had moved to Virginia with her dogs but after a year or two her alpha female Maria got cancer. After Maria died all the dogs howled that night which was the first time Elizabeth ever hear her dogs howl. And also years later when Elizabeth only had three dogs left one of them died and the other two howl after he never came home. So Elizabeth found out that her dogs howl when they are sad.


In the book I didn't agree with the author Elizabeth and some of the things she did. One of the things I don't agree is she would let the dogs act like wolves. Which I think is wrong since a dog or someone could get hurt. Also when she was wanting puppies she made two dogs that were siblings mate. Which if you breed any animal that is related it is called inbreeding. Inbreeding can cause the dogs to have physical and behavioral problems.

Even though I don't agree with the author I did like the book for a few reasons. I like this book since it is all about dogs, it does not really ever go off subject. Also it the book is really interesting because the book tell you things about dogs that you usually don't hear. Last this book is also gives you a lot of information about dogs, but is still a story to. So you are reading a good story at the same time you are learning things about dogs. That is why this book kept me interested and why I liked it.

This book is a good book to read and I would recommend this book to some of my friends but not to everyone. If you wanted to read this book you would have to really like dogs and if you don't this book would get really boring. I wouldn't recommend letting or reading this book to a young kid. Unless you don't care the that they are reading about dogs mating. Also I wouldn't read this book if you just want to read a story just for entertainment, because you get a lot of information in this book. Besides those few things this book is really good to read and I think people that like dogs will really enjoy this book.