CBHT Religious School

Weekly Newsletter - 4/24/15

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Upcoming Events

  • 4/26 & 5/3 - Be sure to re-register for the 2015-16 Religious School Year. Register by our final day, Sunday, May 3rd and be locked in at this year's tuition!
  • 4/26 - This Sunday is Teacher Appreciation Day. We invite all parents to come to the sanctuary at 9:30 to honor our teachers and madrichim.
  • 5/1 - Friday night Religious Shabbat Service begins at 6:30! As always, all Religious School Students from Parparim to Kesher will be leading prayers. Kitah Bet will be featured and Kitah Bet parents will be sponsoring Oneg.
  • 5/3 - Our Final Day! Parents arrive early at 11:25 in the sanctuary to join us for Student Recognition, our final Mitzvah Chain Circle, and Potluck Oneg!
  • 5/10 - Sisterhood Mother's Day Shabbat Services at 7:30 honoring moms of every generation.
  • 5/29 - Confirmation of our 10th and 11th graders at 7:30 Shabbat services. A special presentation will be made by our Temple's Confirmation Class, including our madrichim Matt Huter, Alec McMahon, and Abe Kaplan (as well as David Shainberg and Michael Goldfarb).

Highlights from Sunday, April 19th

  • In Parparim, Rachel filled in as teacher and our focus for the day was the word, Shalom: Peace. We made pretty Shalom sun-catchers painted with glitter glue. We sang with Seth and read a book about Shalom and practiced saying Shalom in Hebrew. On 4/26 and 5/3, Geri Garfinkel will be teaching Parparim (Geri was our original Parparim teacher!)
  • In Gan Yeladim, we talked about counting, as we are currently counting the Omer (the days between Passover and Shavuot). We counted steps. We counted tzedakah. And we even decided to give some of our tzedakah to Karleigh to help train Emma the Guide Dog. We made Ten Commandment fortune tellers for Shavuot!
  • In Kitah Bet, we learned about Shavuot, which celebrates the Jewish People receiving the Torah at Mt. Sinai. We continued to read the dramatic tale of the Jewish people's journey from slavery to the Promised Land, stopping at Mount Sinai along the way.
  • In Kitah Dalet, in honor of Earth Day, we investigated what the Torah teaches us about the preciousness of the Earth and also what science teaches us about the preciousness of the Earth and all its beautiful resources. Along with Kitah Hey, we made Thank You cards to God for the Earth. Instead of paintbrushes, we used rocks (swirling them around in paint and then on our cards), sponges (thank you, ocean) and our fingers (thanks, Mom and Dad and G*d), and we turned out some pretty interesting cards!
  • In Kitah Vav Tracy Levi (Jordan's mom) was our substitute and we worked on making a mural of our midrash on the Book of Ruth! Thank you Tracy for all your help!
  • In Kesher we practiced another modern Hebrew dialogue. We learned a "shtikle" Yiddish (look it up!) And we watched the first half of "Anne Frank Remembered", a documentary about the life of Anne Frank.

Kehila Tephila Vocabulary Review!

In Kehila Tephila, we reviewed all 24 words we learned together in the sanctuary this year. This Sunday, kids can come in during bagel time, grab a page I'll have prepared and fill in English translations to the Hebrew words. Everyone who tries gets a prize. Parents, too! Special Honors on our final day for kids who know at least 20 of the 24 words! Super-Duper Honors to students who know all 24! Click here to access Quizlet flash cards if your child wants to study before Sunday!

Shabbat Shalom! Looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday, April 26th!