Teacher Spotlight: Bob Regan

BAM: Supporting Global Outcomes

Putting Students at the Center

The spotlight shines on Bob Regan and his BAM class. BAM stands for Business, Accounting, and Marketing.

In this class, students are designers, creators, and leaders of their own business. When interviewed for a recent EPSD Professional Development Podcast students identified Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Empathy, and Perseverance as the Global Outcome competencies that they gain every day in class.

In addition, students have learned financial literacy skills and have built a successful business from the ground up. These students have put together a product line by surveying their peers, they have invested their own money, purchased, inventoried, marketed, and sold products for a net gain, and this is just the beginning.

This doesn't just happen, this has all been orchestrated by a teacher, Bob Regan. Bob has taken the initiative as a teacher to let the students have input in the planning, process, and product phases of project-based learning. By giving the students choice, and letting go of the control of the stereotypical educator, the students have guided their path to their own result.

The "Global" Outcome

The outcome is an excellent educational experience for every student in and outside of the classroom. "The students created something way better than I could have ever imagined," says Mr. Regan.

The learning reaches outside of the classroom, and reaches the passion within the students. These students have formed partnerships with businesses in the community and professionals in the school district to gain knowledge. They have shown pride in ownership in the project and system they have built and it shows.

It is clear that these students are gaining skills that will set them ahead in life. Building and keeping relationships, managing conflict, finding solutions to problems, being resilient, resourceful, and thinking critically. Thank you Bob Regan for providing this opportunity for our students!