FDR Campaign Poster

1940 Re-election


The New Deal


Agricultural Adjustment Act - This act made it so farmer would produce less yield and then they would be payed to do this it helped farmers save their farms so that they could keep producing food.


Civilian Conservation Corps - employed young men on public-works programs in the area of conservation


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - an independent agency of the federal government responsible for insuring deposits made by individuals and companies in banks and other thrift institutions


Home Owners Loan Corporation - used to assist home owners that could not meet their mortgage payments giving them low-interest and long-term loans


Social Security Act - This act made it so the elderly, mental, etc. would be able to get benefits for not being able to work these benefits would be general welfare

What did these Acts do?

These acts helped relieve the people of the US and what that means is to help get them through the great depression. They each gave people benefits and just plain helped with the Great Depression ~side note (WWII pulled the US out of depression)
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