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Shannon High School April 24, 2015

Mandatory All Staff Meeting Monda

Representatives from the Birdville Education Foundation will be here to announce Winners!

Please join us at 2:45 in the library.


April 15th 11:30 am Volunteer Luncheon FAAC

May 5th & 6th ALG I, BIO, US HIST

May7th Teacher of the Year Banquet 6pm - FAAC

May 15th Senior Fees and Fines Due

May 19th Graduating Senior Finals 2nd & 4th Periods

May 20th Senior Finals 1st & 3rd Periods

May 21st Senior Assembly 11:30

May 22nd 9:30 Rehearsal

May 22nd 7 pm GRADUATION

Birdville Night at the Rangers

Wednesday, June 3rd.
Click on the link below for more info.
See you there!

Speaker Spot Light- Marc Prensky

Monday, June 15th, 9pm to Wednesday, June 17th, 11pm

500 West Las Colinas Boulevard

Irving, TX

Expanding Minds for the 3rd Millennium

Join us at this year's ignite and learn
from the visionary who coined the term "Digital Native"!

Listen to Eric Sheninger talk about Makerspaces!

Schools that work for kids | Eric Sheninger | TEDxBurnsvilleED
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A message from our counselor, Pam Miller

To All,

I have started visiting some of the PIP classes to answer questions on tran-scripts and grad plans. If you would like for me to come to your PIP this week, please let me know. I can also combine a couple of classes if need-ed.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, May 19th and 20th, final exams will be ad-ministered to your seniors during regular class times. The grade posting window will be open for them on those 2 days and then it will close until the weekend. Please make sure all senior grades are posted and hard copies sent to me so I can finalize all senior grades for graduation. NO Incompletes!

On Thursday, May 21st we will have our Senior Celebration in the Audito-rium at 11:30am for the entire student body. We will adjust our class schedule for this assembly.

On Friday, May 22nd, all graduating seniors will meet in the Auditorium at 9:30am for MANDATORY graduation rehearsal and will be there until lunch. On Friday evening, the seniors will report to the cafeteria at 5:30pm to prepare for graduation beginning at 7:00pm. (Mr. Farr will be sending out a sign-up sheet for volunteers to help.)

Pam Miller


Shannon High School

Mr. Farr & Mr. Darr – Just a note to express my thanks for the helpful assistance our Shannon EAs have given to me today. Chris is out without a sub. Erika was running late. Of all days, I left home without my badges and keys. So I was trapped like a rat until I could get help. I wasn’t able to leave the room or get into the cafeteria or back into the building without a badge and key. Suzanne Rubio came to my rescue immediately and went to the cafeteria to get breakfast for my students. They are used to eating it at their desks when they first get into our classroom. A change in their routine is very difficult for my students to handle. She offered to stay with me, if needed, to help out in the room – but I was okay without that. JGE always needs someone to go onto the bus to get him and then to walk him to our classroom. Daniel handled that for me. Daniel also volunteered to take our boys to the restroom when needed today – and I very much appreciate that. Monica Dean always helps out each day by escorting at least one of my students to the classroom. I’m sure we have other EAs who help us out regularly in escorting our students to the room. I’m always in the room to receive our stu-dents and don’t go to the buses. Billy Leach also came to my rescue by letting me borrow a room-specific key today so I can keep our door locked & still get in and out. Hopefully this will be the only time that I leave home without my keys & badges. I certainly appre-ciate the help our EAs have given me today & always. Great teamwork!

Barbara Payne

That is shwat Special Ed is all about! Flexibility and Great Team work! Way to go everyone!
Janet Erlinger

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