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News for the week of January 26 - 30, 2015

What we are learning this coming week...

Math: We will begin our 2D figures and area unit. Students will create two-dimensional shapes based on given attributes (# of sides & vertices). We will classify and sort polygons. Students will compose 2D shapes & 3D solids with given attributes, as well as, decompose 2D shapes through cutting, dividing, or partitioning a rectangle. Students will use concrete models of square units to find the area of a rectangle.

Reading: We will begin to locate the details in our text that support the main idea.

Writing: In Writing Workshop we will be learning how to create persuasive letters. We will be trying to convince our reader of an opinion or a belief with supporting arguments. We will also be adding powerful adjectives to persuade our readers.

Social Studies: Students will identify functions of governments such as establishing order, providing security, and managing conflict. Students will also name current public officials, including mayor, governor, and president. We will also be learning about ways that public officials are selected, including election and appointment to office.

High 5!

Students will be taking home their Science Notebooks this week, please read over their work, and return the notebooks on Friday, Jan. 23 for us to continue using in class. Thank You

Spotlight Stallion

Penny will be going home with Aryan this week!! Way to go Aryan! We are proud of you and your hard work. Check back to see who Penny goes home with next week!


Thank you for logging in and working on XtraMath! Kudos to the students who've practiced at least 3 times this week: Abby, Aryan N., Avery, Finley, Jacob, Kylie, Logan, Nicolas and Snigdha!! If you don't see your name, don't sweat it, you still have until Sunday to get your 3 days in! You can do it!!

I can't wait to see who will be added to the list next week. Keep up the hard work!

On the calendar....

Thursday, Jan. 22 @ 5:30pm - Science Fair Night

Friday, Jan. 23 - Assembly day and Fundraiser Kick Off!

Thursday, Feb. 12 - Class Picture

Friday, Feb. 13 - Valentine's Party

Happy Birthday!

June 4 - Aryan S.

June 9 - Kylie (Jan. 23)

June 19 - Abby (Jan. 20)

Jan. 30 - Finley

July 27 - Jacob (Jan. 22)


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