By: John Teodoro and Daisy Sosa

My opinion towards war

War is a horrible and painful experience that should never be experienced by any living human being. Conflict is something that we can overcome but there are many ways to handle ourselves when dealing with this situation besides declaring war on another country. Rather than opposing the opposition physically we should encounter them both mentally and verbally. By doing this we have a lower cost of endangering our citizens and our country from any outside threats and any outsiders who oppose our strong great country.

Negative Impact

Every year thousands of both brave men and women fight to protect and serve our country. Although they do this some don't make it and must sacrifice their own well beings in order to make sure this country stays free and protected for the citizens who live in it. Very few make it alive but at a cost some lose a part of them and must live a different life unlike the one they used to have. Imagine you in the shoes of a fellow soldier and all you see and witnesses around you is nothing but complete chaos and mayhem. All you see is gunfire and grenades coming towards your way and you notice the people around are being killed and the only thing go through your head at this point is that the end is very near. This to me is a possible representation of what a U.S soldier goes through war but it doesn't have to be likes this. All this controversy and conflict can come to an end if we just have world peace and be neutral with country around the world and not get into conflict with other countries as much as possible.