How Much Smore?

By: Genesis Kaira Fajardo

Smore #1 What is Media Literacy? (UPDATED)

Media is a plural word of medium. Many people now and days use the media as a collective way of communication to deliver information to anyone who wants to receive information or to just the general public. Tools like the media is what people use to access news or just general information would be from internet, newspapers, magazines, news channels on television, billboards, books, music and the radio. Media is not only used to inform people world wide but to also influence them. People across the world might want to know of any suspicious acts that have occurred in their area or country. Media Literacy is the ability to not just access, analyze, evaluate information but to also have the ability to create media. People that are usually involved in social media are youth and adults. For that reason is they will be able to better their understanding of complex messages and critical thinking. Also, understanding how media messages shape our culture and society, discover the parts of the story that isn't being told like satire, and being able to recognize information or the story being told. Media is the 21st century approach to improving education because it is a form of skill that includes educational standards. For this, when we use technology to communicate in our every day life we are using a form of media.

Smore #2- What do I do?

To change what is going on everyone one needs to know the facts. We have to learn and have an understanding of what happens in the lives of these victims. We can't just approach someone and ask them questions regarding their life. We need to go around the bush. Make a call line or present to them an organizations that can help them get better. We need more survivors and we want those that made it to testify and help others in need of it. These people that are in danger will never admit to their actions. It’s probably one of the hardest things they would have to do. It’s not that they don’t want to seek help, they probably do. Once someone is deep into what they are doing its hard for them to dig themselves out the whole they’ve put themselves in. I can speak for them because I was once in that state as well. I was never suicidal but I had thoughts of it. I never wanted to seek help but I would always tell my best friend ad she would consult me. Someone doesn’t always have to go to a high authority to seek help. They can go to close friend and ask for advice or help.

Smore #3 Superbowl Commercial (UPDATED)

The 2016 Hyundai Genesis car commercial that had ,comedian, Kevin Hart as the Father of the girl going on her date, we see him as if he was concerned. Kevin Hart offers her date to use his new car, the 2016 Hyundai Genesis because he can track the cars location. He followed his daughter and her date wherever they would go.

Using the car locator, Kevin follows them all around town. They first went to the movies, then to the carnival and finally to a secluded spot that you can view the entire city from. When the boy tried to make a move Kevin would come out from his hiding spot to make sure nothing happens.

Kevin Hart’s daughter date took her out for their first dates to the movies, the carnival, and secret spot overlooking the city so he could in a way to get to know her better and make a connection.

The commercial opens and closes with Kevin "wanting to make sure that his daughter and her date have a good time and are happy", the target audience is parents, with children giving them access to who they are going out with dates and would like to keep a tab on their child, with a humorous tone.

Smore #4 Men We Adore (UPDATED)

Whenever you flip through a magazine, or turn on a TV, or even go online you will see a product that is persuading you to buy. They usually are targeted towards certain people or genders. The Gender roles in advertises for males and females are very different from each other. In a commercial or ad directed toward males, they tend to be about how if they wear or use a specific item then all the girls will come after them. Or they will seem laid-back and lazy, but not doing what their wife, or mother told them to do. They also use a very attractive female to get male attention and try to get them into buying a product. And when they use females in male commercials they are either using or trying to use them. But that isn’t the real reaction that one will get, yes they may like the product on a male but it doesn’t mean a group of females will fight over a guy. Another thing about male ads is that they have changed over time. In the olden day they were more of the male playing the dominate role and the wife would be cooking or cleaning and he would tell her something and she would do it or she could beg him to buy her a specific cleaning product because it’s the best. Now females are the ones in charge in the commercials. And the reason is if a male was telling women what to do or that she should buy something because it will make her look better. It will come off as an insult or even as the male is trying to control the female and that’s not how females are treated nowadays.

Smore #5 Media Manipulation

Media mostly controls what we do in our life. We look at celebrities advertising a pair of Nike shoes and automatically we have to get them, why? Because, we believe if we wear what they are we’ll be as good as them or we’ll look cool like them. Why do we let media control our minds? Coca- Cola is a huge company that has been around for many years. Each year it has been proven that more and more sugar is added to their beverage products. Obesity is the number one problem in the US. Coca- Cola is one of the number one products that call obese people’s attention. If they want to make a stop this horrible problem they should stop advertising their drinks to children and teenagers. They should put specific symbols signaling danger on the drinks. Everyone drinks sports drink thinking its healthy and alright. But little do they know that they’re actually meant for athletes that are working out and highly active. Those drinks can affect those that drink it in a harmful way if they are not consuming the drink properly. The companies should raise the price of these products so that people don’t buy them as much. It would completely stop people from purchasing them but it will reduce the number of obesity. As we all now Kellogg’s is a company that has many products like cereal, yogurt, bars, etc. Parents have been furious and have been complaining of the amount of sugar these cereals have. Coco Pops contains 35 grams of sugar for every 100 grams. When they advertise this product they make it sound like it’s the healthiest choice for a kids after school meal/snack. But in reality they are only causing kids to become over wait because of all the sugar they are consuming. They are associated with the company Change4Life. Change4Life advises parent’s to change and/or switch out the sugary products that their children are eating for something a lot healthier. But how can Kellogg’s associate them with Change4Life if they have sugary products that is causing kid obesity?

Smore #6 Should Apple allow FBI to enter its system?

I believe that Apple should allow the FBI to investigate using what they call “backdoor”. The families’ members of those that lost their lives in this shooting only wish that they capture the terrorists. Andrew Blankstein states that “the government has been unable to complete the search because it cannot access the Iphone encrypted content. I understand that this may affect every carrier that has an Iphone but we are talking about people that lost their lives. The San Bernardino Case needs to continue and in order for that to happen Apple needs to release “the backdoor”. The “backdoor” could be the key to where, who and when this crucial event was going to occur. Jack Smith IV uses the analogy of “Iphone being a room made of bulletproof glass, which in this metaphor is the encryption. The FBI is not asking for a special bullet that breaks the glass. It’s asking Apple to let it in through the door. Specifically, the FBI wants Apple to change the locks on that specific room (not every room in the world) so that the FBI can get in.” This cannot just open this door to just this case but any case that may happen again. Apple should put their selves in the shoes of the families that lost their loved ones. I am sure that they would the FBI to do their best to find the people that killed the innocent people.

Smore #7 Agree or Disagree?

“Reporters should submit their work to government officials so they may determine if it’s a threat to the country.”

I don’t agree with this statement. For one, our first amendment, which states that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise therefore abridging the freedom of speech or of the press; or the right of the people peaceable to assemble, and to petition of the government? Freedom of speech which is the right to express any opinions without censorship or restrain, which goes hand in hand with freedom of the press which gives us the right to circulate opinions without censorship by the government. This is a big deal in the US because other counties don’t allow their citizens to speak out and poorly of their government and what it’s doing with threats to the country. An example would be North Korea; the government there controls everything from what the citizens have access to what their dictator wants them to know about outside countries even to the type of hair cuts that are aloud. There are many foreign countries are always be watched. They can’t live freely or live the way they want to. We have the freedom of speech and religion here, while our countries kill people if they serve a god that isn’t there’s.

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Smore # 8 Politifact! Get it straight

Learning about each candidate was very interesting. Each candidate is different in the sense of way of how they express themselves and their way of speaking towards others. It is important to research legitimacy of the candidates because we want to be sure of what they tell us is true. We cannot just pick any person to be our president. It takes a lot for someone to run a nation properly. United States of America has come a long way for someone just to take us down. As for Donald Trump and his stupidity, he will bring the entire nation down. With that being said I would rather have any other president other than him. We cannot always really on media to tell us the truth because they always add additional information that was never said. They like to exaggerate to call people’s attention. The problem with not looking up the truth is that we get sucked in to what social media has to say and we don’t worry about whether if what is being said is true or not. We need all facts before we can choose a candidate to run this country. Using the right resources we may be able to rely on the media to tell the truth.

Smore #9 Ain't Rebellion Fine (UPDATED)

The African American slaves were suppressed under a ruthless and discordant system for two and a half centuries. Following that the collapse of Reconstruction occurred, the historians of the school that had relentless supporters of slavery, abused the slaves because they would not rise up more to kill their oppressive masters. The question is, did the slaves rebel against their authorities? Yes, they did and many times knowing the consequences that they would have to pay for after. There were many rebels like Stono Rebellion, The New York City Conspiracy, Gabriel’s Conspiracy, German Coast Uprising, and Nat Turners Rebellion.

Stono Rebellion of 1730 was the largest slave revolt that ever occurred in the 13 colonies. These rebellions felt empowered because they already have had the experience of going to war and fighting against in higher power than them. They finally stood up to the authorities and decided to fight against them for their freedom. Not all of the slaves joined the uprising riot, believe or not some of the slaves that stayed back hide their masters so those that rebelled wouldn’t find them. They marched down the Kings highway displaying banners that said “Liberty” and shouting at the same time in their native language. The slaves fought as much as they could for more than a week before the masters regrouped and killed most of the rebels. Many are inspired because they stood up for themselves and went on a dangerous journey knowing they might die in the process. Inspires us not to be afraid and to go for what we truly want. They gathered a group of slaves killed occupants and burned the structures. If they reached St. Augustine, Fla, they would be free under the Spanish law.

Smore #10 Government wins again (UPDATED)

Winston and O’Brien have similar thoughts to Edward Snowden when it comes to privacy and how the government should treat its citizens. In the book 1984, Winston and O’Brien work for the government, and they help correct mistakes that “reporters got” when talking about something that big brother said, or what the party said. Even though they work for the government they hate the government, they hate how the party has control over everything to what words they can use to communicate to what clothes they can wear, even to who they can marry, they hate everything about that. They hate how the government “brainwashed” everyone in to believing that the party is the best thing that ever happened to them, or the fact that ‘Big Brother is watching them’, with a telescreen in every room that picks up every sound to try and get information on what the people are saying. What they’re doing, who they’re talking to and what they’re talking about can be used against them if they disown Big Brother. Both men want the party and Big Brother to go down. For the Brotherhood to a-line with the proles and take control for the party and give them the freedom they deserve. Edward Snowden is an American citizen that worked as a subcontractor with the National Security Agency (NSA). While working he discovered that the government was secretly working with companies to learn information about their customers and other companies so they could try and fine people that maybe plotting against the US government. Edward didn’t agree with that idea so he decided that he would leave the country to Hong-Kong and tell a well-known newspaper what the US government has secretly been doing behind its citizen’s backs. These men can all relate because they all three men want privacy, freedom and they don’t want the government secretly spying on what they are doing. The difference between Edward and, Winston and O’Brien is that Snowden was willing to put his life on the line to let everyone in his country know that they were secretly being watched by their government. He risked it even though he knew he may not ever step foot in his home country again, or even see his family. He was willing to be self-less and put other before himself, and that is one thing Winston and O’Brien will have never done and will mostly do.

Smore #11 Is technology sent from heaven?

Technology may have been sent from heaven. We use technology for almost everything now and days. Back then no one had phones, laptops, TV’s, etc. The world would not be what it is now if it wasn’t for technology. I believe that we cannot live without it because we are just so used to it. It’s become a life style for us. Technology can be used for good or it can be used for bad things. The technology Orwell’s includes in his book is a two-way television screen that allows for communication. The people in the book never had a way of communicating if it wasn’t through the screens itself. Technology in 1984 was not advanced at it is now. The world then would have been a lot different. Their government would not be ran the way it is. There were no computers, or Internet, and the most significant type of electronic technology most houses had was a radio which is basically nothing. Things would never progress because of all the problems in that time. No one had the mentality and capacity to help their government improve. With everything anyone did they were being watched, so it’s like they couldn’t do anything. The screens could hear everything that you would say. You can’t hind from the government (the party).

Smore #12 Happiness v.s. Freedom

"That the choice for mankind lay between freedom and happiness, and that, for the great bulk of mankind, happiness was better." In life we all have a choice in what we want. Winston believes that happiness is way better. I disagree with Winston because if you have freedom you will be happy. In our country we have the freedom to do anything we want, why? It’s a free country. Snowden chose freedom over happiness. He says that he would risk himself if he said something about the information he knew. He would be buried with the truth and no one would find out. We need to not only challenge the government but all work with them. We need to inform society about what is going on but not ruin our national security. The government keeps everything thing hidden and doesn’t consult with the citizens. NSA tracks both ends of communication. They know when you have traveled, phone calls, when you made it and where you made it. Of course, they would never tell anyone because that invasion of privacy. Snowden said that “NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times.” He believes that we should be able to live our life without worrying about anything.

Smore #13 What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting occurs when someone “states something false with such intensity and conviction that whoever is on the receiving end is confused and begins to doubt their own perspective.” The people are easily influenced by what they are told, they believe most things that are said by the empowered. Donald Trump is never truthful and he always contradicts himself. “Confront him with contradictory evidence and he’ll shrug and repeat the fib.” Politico says that “Trump tells a falsehood, on average, once every five minutes.” After one has lied more than once at least every five minutes it is easy to keep up with what they are saying. Although we may not know every lie that is said we can at least catch on to a few. You cannot point out a gas lighter because if you do, they will begin to accuse you of false accusations. Not only do we see this with Trump, Hilary Clinton is the same. Hilary always says one thing but she can never back herself up with facts. She constantly contradicts herself and lies. In order to hold people responsible for the things that they say is “showing up to the polls and voting the candidates down. It may not be easy but it’s a step in holding them accountable for their actions.

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Smore #14 Can We Auto Correct Humanity?

Technology has become more a part of our life than our families and friends that surround us. We tend to use our phones as an escape when there’s nothing to do. Instead of using our phone to go on social media all the time, why don’t we use it to make a call to a family member or a friend to meet up somewhere and spend time with each other? It’ll only take a few seconds of our time to make that call or send a text message. Prince Ea said “an average person spends four years of their life looking down at a cell phone.” In those four years that we waste on our cell phone we could be doing something more productive.

In order for this situation not to become a permanent reality, we need to start the change, we need to be the change. If we send a simple message to a friend and ask them to go out that’s a start. Once you’re with that person just make a rule that “your cellular device cannot be out.” The person may not agree with it at first but once you start a conversation and laugh and smile together, they won’t even bother taking their phone out. We have lost connection with the people that are close to us “It’s ironic how these touch screens can make us lose touch.” When we’re with them it’s like we’re not even there with them because we’re so hooked to a thing called our phone. Instead people would rather” Facetime” or “Skype” like Prince Ea said “I asked a friend the other day lets meet up face to face. He said what time do you want to Skype?” Is that what we’ve come to?

Yes, social media can benefit us in many ways but it has become an addiction. Just like technology can be used for the good or the bad. This is an addiction we can control. All we have to do is take the first step. Just put your phone down and talk to your spouse, sister, brother, father or mother. Sit down with them and watch a movie with a bowl of pop corn “I don’t want to take a picture of my meals anymore I just want to eat them.” Do something different with them. No, don’t pull out your phone and post on social media “watching a movie with the family tonight” just do it. We are quick to run to our charger when our phone is on 1% but not quick enough to be on time to a family dinner. We have a short life to just let it go to waste. If we truly love those that surround us, we will take the step to stop the addiction that controls us. Nothing is impossible for those that want to make it possible.

We have a choice to harness the power of social media and technology but it’s something we have to do “we cannot auto-correct.” I myself will use technology only for the necessary and things that will help me succeed. It’s not like we should be prohibited from social media but limit yourself to it. You become what you want yourself to. “Me, no longer do I want to spoil a precious moment recording it with a phone, I’m just going t keep them.” I will not tell you what to do with “social media.” “I’m so tired of performing in a pageantry of vanity and conforming to this accepted form of digital insanity.” We have accepted to live in a world where there is no communication.

Performance Final Part 2

When I first heard the word media I thought of music, internet and social networks. Never did I think that media was also a form of education. We use media in our everyday lives. Most people use media for educational purposes but they also use it to inform others. Social media is the key to almost everything. I learned that we are easily influenced by what see, read or hear about. Media has taken over our life that it basically feeds us. What we see we take in and we don’t question if it is true or not. When we’re watching television we don’t really pay attention to the commercials that come on. If we were to actually pay attention we would notice that sometimes men use certain things to get women’s attention. When men see this they believe that what the commercial says will work. We cannot let any little thing control our mind. It’s the same with like food commercials or sports drinks. We think that if we consume Powerade or Gatorade we will perform. No, it does not work like that you have to put in work to perform well. We can use media for good or bad. This class is different from every other language art class because it goes in depth of everything around the world and how other countries use media. I now look at media differently and how much of it influences my life and what surrounds me. There is nothing to really make this class better.