Be our country's next member of the Supreme Court

The Judicial Branch

The Supreme Court is one of the parts of the Judicial branch. The Supreme court is responsible for making sure that all laws and cases in the United states are Constitutional.

The nine Members of the Supreme Court

How to Become a Member

The constitution gives no standard qualifications : however this is what is most likely expected to happen in the process:

  1. You will have experience in law and sometimes even as a judge.
  2. Must be selected by the president.
  3. The senate must approve the president's decision with a 2/3 vote.

What Cases you Would Expect to see

First of all, the supreme court would never take court cases that involve deciding a punishment for an offender, or decide guilt or innocence. It can only deal with cases that affect the Constitution.

In the Supreme Court you would see either of these cases:

  • Appellate Jurisdiction - when you ask to have your case heard again from a higher court. Examples:
  1. Navigational waterways.
  2. Cases involving treaties.
  • Original Jurisdiction - when a case goes directly to the Supreme court.
  1. Cases involving ambassadors or public ministers.
  2. A disagreement between two or more states.

2/3 of cases are appealed from federal courts.

1/3 of cases are appealed from state courts.

Rarely any cases are original Jurisdictions.

Examples of Cases:

  • Navigation rights between states.
  • The approval of a new treaty stating new rights between countries.