Luis Ugalde

Jungle biome

Jungle Food Web

It all starts with the producers which are the plants, seeds, and the fruit. Then they are eaten by insects which are the first level consumers. After that the Tucan and the monkey eat the bugs which are known as the secondary consumers. And then finally the top predators which in this case is the Python and jaguar are know as the third level consumers or tertiary consumers.

Symbiotic Relationships

Symbiotic relationships are a special type of interaction between different species. It can be benificial or on the contrary, harmful.

These include:

Human Impact on the Environment

Negative impact

Humans play an important role on the environment. One of which is cutting jungle trees. This is a negative influence because 1.) It is home to thousand of species and 2.) It decreases photosynthesis on the planet. But on the other hand, it is beneficial to us since we get materials out of it.

One organism that lives in the jungle is the Tucan

Tucana are considered as first level consumers on the jungle food web. They are important because it eats bugs and are a good source to second or third level consumers
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Another is the Viper

This is another important species that is on this food web. It eats first level consumer such as the Tucan and small mammals. And is considered as a second level consumer.
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And finally the Jaguar

This organism is one of the top predators in the jungle which classifies him as a top level consumer or in this case a tertiary consumer. It eats about anything this animal can get its hands on.
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