The Reality of Music

By; Araceli

Music will be your escape to everything

The Reality About Music

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” This quote by Bob Marley shows that, once you get really involved with the music, the pain you used to feel will be something you won’t feel anymore.Music is something people use as an escape when they are going through some really bad stuff, and no one is really there for them. Through emotions, music makes them feel they can communicate, and maybe they will find someone with the same emotions they are feeling. Music impacts people and makes them feel things they have never felt before.

There is no music without a culture, and people can communicate by the lyrics of a song. Indeed, “there [will] never be a place where you go [that] there’s no music.” Also, “Musical emotion can be… described as a language of emotion” (Kirsten weir & Debbie Nevins). People don’t really need to understand the language in which the song is playing as long as they get the feelings of what the music is trying to tell us. Finally, music is something that all people need in their life because sometimes music talks exactly about what people are going through and music can be a scape for a lot of people.

Music can control people to the point where they get really into the music and there’s nothing they can do to stop it. In fact, “music has the power to affect the body” Additionally, music can control us as we listen to a song we get really into it and that’s something you can’t stop. (Kirsten weir and debbie nevins)Listeners do all the things a song says no matter what the consequences are.

Music can mix people’s emotions and the feelings they didn’t know they had will come out.People like hiding their feelings, but they don’t know they will come out sooner or later. Keeping your feelings to yourself can hurt you more than you think. You can free all these kinds of emotions and unexpected things could happen.

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