Changing newsletter designs

Use the design that suits you!

Smore offers a variety of cool designs!

Once you've started your newsletter as described here, you might want to design it your own way.

Changing designs is super easy!

Start with clicking the big button on the right.

The button describes the general 'feeling' of the design. You have several choices:

  • Modern
  • Vintage
  • Minimal
  • Handwritten
  • (one or more periodic design)

Now what? How do I get more specific?

After choosing your design as described above, you have a few more simple choices to make.

Big picture

Custom backgrounds? How do I do that?

We also offer pro users to choose their own backgrounds and upload them.

To see more about that, check out this newsletter :)

Now what?

Keep on editing your newsletter, and when you're done, click on "Done Editing"!