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The French was asked for help in the of Yorktown by the American patriots supporters in 1774. A secret agent was sent to meet wit the Continental Congress because the French didn’t want to get in between the colonies and the Great Britain government’s war. The secret agent desided that if the Americans could prove that they can protect themselves then they would help them. After the American proved there protection they joined together. The American’s was no longer under Britain’s control because the French Government help.

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French is ruled by a President which means they are Republican’s. In 1958 they established a Fifth Republic. They have been making changes to the constitution since the making of the fifth republic.The president serves a 5 year term and is directly elected.

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Major Issue

France is having many major issue like rent increases, unemployment,and increase of poor people. Rent is is a problem because the prices are going up and people can’t afford it.After 2015 calculation 10.7 million people are unemployed.The rate of people becoming poor is increasing every year.4.9 million people stay on the street.

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Machines, engines, pumps is France number 1 production making US$66.3 billion. They also have big investment on other things like plastic,oil,aircraft, spacecraft and perfume. All of those thing has at least 17.3 billion dollars in profit(indexmundi). Wheat and corp is France main crop grown of large farms in Paris Basin(kids.britannica).

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France is the most populated place in Europe with a population of 57.5 million. Mont Blanc is the highest point but half of it is in Italy. they call it the “white mountain. The lowest point is Rhone river being 2 meters under sea levels. France is shaped more like a hexagon sharing borders with 6 other countries(Francegeography).

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