Infographics for the Classroom

Region 17 Education Service Center

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Today's Schedule:

9:00-9:15 Introductions/ Norms

9:15-9:45 What is an infographic?

9:45-10:00 Break

10:00-10:30 Venngage


11:00-11:30 Discovery Education/ Afternoon Assignment

11:30-1:00 Lunch

1:00-4:00 Infographic Assignment


  • *Stay on schedule, be on time.
  • *Participate and listen actively.
  • *Take care of your self and your neighbor.
  • *Prepare your technology for learning and engagement.
  • *It's OK to have fun!
  • What is an infographic?

    Great Examples of Infographics:

    Why Should You Use Infographics?


    1. Read through the article linked below (Criminal Justice Fact Sheet)

    2. Read through the Infographic linked below (mass incarceration)

    Be prepared to compare and contrast the two sources of information.

    Ways to Use Infographics in the Classroom:

    Teacher Created:

    • Display in your classroom
    • Process that are done regularly
    • Learning strategies
    • Word walls
    • Behaviors, norms, expectations
    • Difficult content

    Student Created:

    • To show understanding
    • Mastery
    • Presentation
    • Group Projects
    • Contests

    Classroom Content Examples

    Big image


    • Template Based
    • Includes photo, shape, map, text and icon gallery
    • Ability to create charts within graphic
    • Interactive feature that includes: polls, YouTube, tables, and fields
    • Export pdf or png- Premium Account required!
    • Share online via URL address

    Getting Started Tutorial:

    Intermediate Tutorial:

    My Venngage Example


    • Template Based
    • Includes photo, shape, text and icon gallery
    • Ability to create charts within graphic
    • Export pdf, jpeg or png
    • Share online via URL address

    If you need a kickstart on how to become an infographic pro, join us for our upcoming live training webinar! Learn more about the ins and outs of the Piktochart editor and get well on your way to telling your story through amazing visuals!

    Date: Tuesday, January 19th @ 10:00am CST

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    My Piktochart Example

    Big image

    Discovery Education

    Discovery Education is now a full LMS. Have students create their own Infographics from images within Discovery Education. All assignments can be submitted through DE. Create your own Infographics as well. They can use resources that are directly tied to the standards.

    1. Go to:
    2. Use your district login
    3. Go to Builder Tools- Board Builder
    4. You can pick a template and begin creating a board

    • Template based
    • Limited choices in editing and templates
    • Can create 3D Infographics
    • Exports as PDF only

    Your Assignment:

    You will be creating your own Infographic!!

    • Choose one of the tools provided to create your Infographic
    • Create an account, if you do not have one.
    • Choose what you want your topic to be
    • Make sure you follow all requirements of the rubric below


    • Make sure your Infographic has a focus
    • Make sure your Infographic is tied to a objective/standard(s)
    • Make sure it clearly states an end product or expectation
    • It must include: images, text, be in a graphic organizer format

    In order to receive your afternoon credit (3 hours):

    You must email the final link or jpeg to: