Warrior Life

Volume 3, Issue 15

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Very Helpful Resources

Academic Needs

Do you need to contact a teacher, counselor or Cohort Office? Do you want more information on Transition to Virtual Learning?

Technology Needs

Having issues with your device? In need of a Hotspot?

Other Needs

Need to contact our Outreach Hotline? Are you interested in learning about our Moorhead Community Resource Center?

Food Distribution

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Virtual Resources

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Hybrid Black and Gold Scheduled Day Students

  1. Students will engage in synchronous learning on their assigned Black or Gold day. They should report to each scheduled class on time via Zoom.
  2. Teachers will take attendance of students who attend and enter that each period in Synergy.
  3. Once instruction is complete, teachers may assign work or break out into small groups.
  4. Students should stay logged into the synchronous Zoom for the duration of the period.
  5. All synchronous Zoom sessions will be recorded and uploaded into Canvas studio for viewing.
  6. On application days, students will log into Canvas and take their own assignments as well as complete any work assigned.

Fully Virtual Students

  1. Please continue to follow your regular virtual schedule.
  2. Check your Warren email and Canvas DAILY!

APEX Students

  1. Make sure you are spending 5-7 hours a day completing quizzes.
  2. Email your academic coach or counselor if you need a quiz unlocked.
  3. Only classes that are completed by December 17th will be added to your transcript as a credit earned.

Counseling Corner

Information from your Counselors....

  1. Be sure to check your Warren email and Canvas DAILY!
  2. If you have been a full time virtual student since the beginning of the semester your schedule will remain the same. Hybrid students who are now virtual, you will have Zoom meetings during class time. Please see the attached schedule for times.

    -----Black Cohort students (A-K) will need to log into their Zoom Meetings on Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday

    ----- Gold Cohort Students (L-Z) will need to log into their Zoom Meetings on Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday.

  3. Lastly, there are 9 school days left in 1st semester. It is really important that all of you focus and finish the semester strong. If at any point you start to feel overwhelmed and need additional support or have questions, please schedule a meeting with your counselor or academic coach. Just because you are not in the building doesn't mean we are not here to support you!

Tutoring Has Changed! See below.

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