Settler-What we want!

For the Amazon Rainforest

What we want for the Amazon rainfoest

We want a good thing for us. Us settlers just moved there to have a better life and to get more money or may other different things. We farm and live and bathe there. We have a lot of things to do for chores. We have to clean our clothes in the river.

What They Do And What They Need!

The settlers need land to feed themselves. It is also very hard because they learned from the Native Amazonian that it as very hard to farm in every way because it is in a rain forest. The government sent the poor people into the Amazon Rain forest because it has more supplies there. The thin soil that is there has very few nutrients. All the rainfall washes everything away. Also, Brazil has very little farming places. The settlers cam in large groups to look for farming places.

We are the SETTLERS!!!!