Week3-Part2:Learn From Educators 2

EDCI318 Technology for Teaching & Learning-SUMMER 2018

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Educators MAY respond to your Reflections, although it is summer vacation!!

April Requard, sent me a message via Twitter last semester about our Learn from other Educators assignment. You can see she also saw my retweet of your tweets and sent me a message. How awesome this that!! Read what she said to me!! Her Twitter is @AprilRequard, I encourage you to follow the folks you are writing about. I suspect many of the educators will respond to your tweete. But that requires you to include a link to their site as wells as they twitter handle.
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10 Reasons Every Teacher Needs A Professional Learning Network

by TeachThought Staff

What’s a professional learning network?

According to Marc-André Lalande, “a Personal Learning Network is a way of describing the group of people that you connect with to learn their ideas, their questions, their reflections, and their references. Your PLN is not limited to online interactions, but it is that online, global interactive part that really makes it special. It is personal because you choose who’s part of that group; you choose if you want to lurk–just check out what people are saying–or if you share; because you choose when to do so, and how to do so.”

As for the graphic above? You can thank Sylvia Duckworth, who always does a great job sharing simple sketch notes to help teachers. (She also took our 12 Rules of Great Teaching and created a predictably wonderful graphic to supplement the text, among others.) We’ve taken her graphic and provided starting points for each ‘reason’ a teacher need a PLN.

  1. Find great resources, lesson plans, and conferences-Consider: OER Commons Resources
  2. Share your resources & ideas-Consider: 23 Ways To Use The iPad In PBL
  3. Following amazing educators and their blogs-Consider: 52 Education Blogs You Should Follow
  4. Get support when needed-Consider: An example like clarifying the difference between ‘doing projects’ and PBL
  5. Make international connections Consider: Project-Based Learning in your classroom
  6. Flatten your classroom walls-Consider: Why Learning Through Social Networks Is The Future
  7. Collaborate globally on projects-Consider: 50 Ideas For Using Skype In The Classroom
  8. Find round-the-clock inspiration-Consider: Follow your favorite blogs on instagram–edutopia or TeachThought for example.
  9. Learn the latest trends in education-Consider: The most popular twitter hashtags in education
  10. Never run out of ideas for new things to try with your students - Consider: Shameless plug, but TeachThought Professional Development is built for exactly this kind of support.
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You will be expanding your PLN through learning and reflecting on another teacher's website again Week 4-Part 1

During Week 4-Part 1you will be reviewing/reflecting about another teachers’ website and writing a review/reflection of leaarning about what you discovered and learned digging into the educator's site. Digging into it does not mean only looking at the first post or two, it means looking at all the tabs and sections, clicking on links, watching videos, look at everything.

You must choose one from the list below and do NOT choose the same site you did Week 1. IF NOT from this list it will not count!! There are 27 choices I am co nfident there are ones that you will like!!

Be thoughtful, think deeply! A few sentences will not be sufficient. You will need to spend some time and dig deeply, look through the pages, click on links, watch the video, learn and discover.

Your review/reflection of learning should represent scholarly thought and writing about exactly what you discovered and learned through your investigation of this award-winning teacher's site.

Be very specific and detailed in your review/reflection. Give specific examples and don;t forget to include the Authors name, twitter handle, site name and any other social medai they use.

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Requirements for your review/reflection

Requirements for the reflection of learning from the Teachers website/blog

  • Your review/reflection of learning must include the website name and author as well as a link to the website/blog you are writing about, but it is best link to things you are discussing as well.
  • Make sure your reflection of learning includes specific details about what you discovered exploring the teachers site.
  • Additionally, include links to their social media like Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc, whatever they use that you find linked from their sites. DIG DEEP.
  • Tweet your review from the link you copies in Seesaw and include the Twitter handle for the person you are reviewing as well as our class hashtag #edci318.
  • Choose 1 site from the list below, (they are in no particular order) there is a variety, so I am sure you can find one that interests you. If you go to one and don’t like it, find another!

Grading Breakdown Checklist

Grading Breakdown
  • The reflection of learning is worth 25 points total.
  • Add the title: Learn from Educators #2
  • Be specific and detailed about what you learned and discovered,
  • Include Links, authors name and website title in your post.- 5 points,
  • Tweet using class hashtag #edci318 and authors twitter handle (for example my twitter handle is @cyndidannerkuhn)

Make sure you have done everything so you receive ALL the points.

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