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"Relationships are the agents of change." Dr. Bruce Perry

Week of September 7 - September 10, 2021

A Short, but Busy Week

While it was a short week for OUR GRAY HAWKS, it was still very busy! Teachers have been working diligently to examine the data that they have gathered from the testing they have done to best guide instruction for our students. We are very fortunate that each week, OUR GRAY HAWK staff is afforded an additional 60 minutes of collaboration time thanks to the efforts of library aid Miss Quinby and Gray Hawk Counselor, Miss Hubbard. They go into classrooms one day a week and take over the class in order for our classroom teachers to focus on these rich conversations.

On Tuesday, OUR GRAY HAWK staff participated in Staff Development. They worked on a team building activity as we work to define what OUR GRAY HAWK MAKERSPACE is and how it will be used. They were given time to analyze their NWEA MAP data for Reading and Math before meeting with other teachers and staff from across the district to have grade level conversations.

In the afternoon, our staff had some very detailed conversations about our commitments towards building an inclusive culture at GRAY HAWK. I was very proud of our staff and the conversations we had addressing race, diversity, inclusion, and how we can lay a foundation of acceptance and promoting empathy and understanding among our entire GRAY HAWK COMMUNITY. Please be on the look out for the implementations this week and talk to your child about the different things going on at school.

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Bringing Awareness

It is the job of any school to promote cultural awareness and bring diversity and inclusivity to the forefront of what we do. OUR GRAY HAWK staff is committed to being more culturally aware and competent in order to best serve the needs of ALL students. We are excited to bring this awareness to our learning community through a multitude of activities and experiences. Each week, we will focus on a variety of literature featuring characters and authors of different races, creeds, religions, and genders. Additionally, we will raise awareness of the importance of celebrating our unique and diverse society through different engaging activities in our classrooms and on the daily announcements. WE are stronger TOGETHER!

Diverse Literature

Each week, Mrs. Kenton (OUR district librarian) and Miss Quinby (OUR amazing library aide), will introduce us to a book or resource focused on Diversity and Inclusion. This week, the book is titled: One Green Apple by Eve Bunting.

"It’s hard being the new kid in school. Especially if you come from another country and don’t speak the language well. Farah, a young Muslim immigrant, feels very alone when

she starts school. However, a field trip to an apple orchard begins to make her feel that

she belongs."

Check out other titles from Eve Bunting including Flower Garden, Smoky Night, and Fly Away Home.

Author Information: Eve Bunting, is an author of more than 250 books. Her books are diverse in age groups and topics. She has written about topics ranging from Immigration, The Vietnam

Wall, every Holiday and the riots in Los Angeles. Eve Bunting has won many awards for

her works.

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Thanks to the time and efforts of OUR GRAY HAWK 4th grade team of Mrs. Storck and Mrs. Shupe, Student Council is getting off the ground!

Kindergarten, First, and Second will NOT have representatives from their classroom, but will be assigned a buddy room (3rd, 4th, or 5th grade) to represent their class! Buddy room representatives will come to their classrooms after each monthly meeting and will talk to them about what was discussed at the meetings and listen to any concerns or suggestions from each class. Student Council representatives will be asked to make these monthly presentations in addition to others talking about World Kindness Day and other things that are important to OUR GRAY HAWK learning community.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth grades will have TWO representatives elected from each classroom. Students wishing to participate in the election should write a 1 minute speech, make a campaign poster, and be prepared to present in their classroom between 9/20-9/22. Parents will need to sign and return the attached permission slip (which will be sent home on Monday).


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If you have gently used clothing that you would be willing to donate to Nurse MJ for our students it would be much appreciated. We are looking for shorts, pants, t-shirts, and socks that we could give to children that may have an accident or spill on their clothes throughout the day.

We would also appreciate any donations of NEW underwear in sizes 4-6, 6-8, and 8-10 for girls AND boys. Thank you for your consideration.


This is just a reminder that breakfast and lunch will be free to our students in USD 458 for the 2021/2022 school year. Students would only be charged for additional milks. Extra milk is 50 cents per carton.

Breakfast is "Grab and Go" and has moved down closer to the cafeteria to ensure that the lobby does not get too crowded.

Partial September Menu

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Gray Hawk Fundraisers

Thank you to OUR GRAY HAWK PTO for organizing our first two fundraisers.

Gray Hawk spiritwear is on sale now through September 14. Scan the QR code or go directly to the site to place your order here.

OUR GRAY HAWK MUM sale is going on through September 14. 8" 2 gallon mums are $10 and will be picked up on Wednesday, September 22 at Gray Hawk between 4:30 and 7:00 pm. All proceeds from this fundraiser will directly impact OUR GRY HAWKS!

Please see the flyers below to place your order.


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Our Neuroscience News this week has to do with Dr. Bruce Perry and the 3 R's: Regulate, Relate, and Reason.

Over the past couple of years I have heard comments from other adults - teachers and parents alike - that they see the value in teaching children about their brain, but it really is not something that is understood by our youngest learners. I stumbled upon this video of PreK student Nathan from Walnut Creek Elementary in Austin, Texas explaining Dr. Bruce Perry's 3 R's : Regulate, Relate, and Reason. (For the best view, expand the video and go full screen)

When students are dysregulated, they first need to be given time to move from a nervous system that is in an alarmed state to one that is calm. Next, the child needs to relate with a calm adult that makes them feel safe, valued, and heard. Finally, after they are calm and feel safe, we are able to Reason with them. Based on each child's window of tolerance, this can be a very quick process while for some, they just need us to be by their side and meet them where they are. Check out Nathan and I encourage you to watch this video with your child(ren) because in a very short time, they are going to learn about the 3 Rs.

Regulate, Relate, Reason
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For the latest information from OUR GRAYHAWK PTO check them out on Facebook @grayhawkpto458

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USD 458 Safe Return to School Plan 2021/2022

Please click the link for more information about USD 458's Safe Return to School Plan. Thank you.
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