Woodrow Wilson

28th President of the United States of America

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Wilson was born December 28th, 1856 in Virginia. He moved all over the south as a child. Wilson was not great in school, scholars now think that he had a form of dyslexia. Wilson's father, a reverend, taught his son in oratory and debate, which wilson grew to love. Wilson Enrolled at Davidson College, then transfered to Princeton. He then earned his Ph.D. in political science and history and Johns Hopkins University. Wilson was inaugurated as the 28th president of the United States on March 4,1913. Wilson's first wife died during his first year in office, he re-married in 1915, Wilson trusted his second wife with many secrets and she aided his decision making while in office. Wilson died February 3, 1924. He was buried in the Washington National Cathedral.

Political Philosophy:

President Wilson was a Democrat, who was responsible for the Federal Reserve Act, the Child Labor Act, and was head of some legislation for labor unions for fair treatment of workers.


Was President wilson for Imperialism? Yes, he wanted the other countries that we had affairs with to govern themselves, as long as they adopted the American way of Democracy.

What Imperialist actions did Wilson take? In 1916 he bought the Virgin Islands for 25 million dollars from Denmark. He sent Marines to Haiti in 1915 and to Dominican Republic in 1916 to reform the countries to democracy, but both attempts failed.

Moral Diplomacy: World war 1 had just begun, a series of events led to many confusing and conflicting alliances to be made between nations.Wilson vowed to stay neutral in the war, due to every 1 and 7 Americans being born at the countries at war, and with the country being in a recession, but British and the French still bought American products. When Germany began attacking ships with their u-boats, and with the US refusing to outlaw travel on British ships, and with Germany sinking many American and British ships, the US voted to declare war on Germany. Wilson stated the main point of the war was to end militarism and to keep democracy safe.

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Key Accomplishments as President:

Amendments: 17,18, and 19, Creating direct election of senators, prohibiting alcohol, and letting women vote.

Noble Peace Prize in 1919

Mothers day: Created the first National Mother's day

Impact on Society Today?

Without Woodrow Wilson, who knows where we would be as a nation. Wilson preached peace as a nation, and he did everything in his power to practice what he preached. Without Wilson, who knows if we would of got involved in the war sooner, and how that would have impacted us as a nation. He shaped the modern day work week, shortened hours, got kids out of factories as much and created unions to protect the employee's. Wilson also allowed women to vote, and allowed us as citizens to elect our own senators.


17th Amendment: Direct election of senators

18th Amendment: Prohibition of alcohol

19th Amendment: Allowing women to vote

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