Chromebooks in the Classroom

Helpful Tips and Engaging Ideas

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September 2015

The goal of this newsletter is to provide campuses/classrooms using Chromebooks with helpful tips for managing the devices in the classroom and ideas for integrating Google Apps into instruction.

Getting Started with Chromebooks

The first time you plan on using the Chromebooks, keep the activity simple. The first time using the Chromebooks, the focus maybe more on establishing norms and procedures for using technology in the room and teaching students how to login. Knowing that, don't plan an activity that could be time consuming and challenging for students to complete.
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Student Login Poster

Post this sign near your Chromebooks to remind students how to login.

Ideas for Integration

Key Points for Integrating Technology

Remember Integration doesn't have to be hard.

  • Keep it simple.
  • Start slow.
  • Focus on your content not the technology.
  • Think about what you want the students to do or know in the end and then how/what technology can assist me with that.

Below are a couple of suggestions for starting slow and easy while utilizing technology. You're not changing WHAT you do, you're just changing HOW you do it.

Google Docs

Google Docs is just a word editor. So have students use it to "type" their stories or writing samples instead of writing them with pencil and paper. As you get students used to using Google Docs you can start introducing some of the collaboration tools. Here are some ideas for using Google Docs:

  • A collaborative story between classes - for younger grades, it maybe too much for each student, but as a class, start a story and then share the document with another classroom and let them add to the story.

Google Forms

Take that pencil and paper quiz and digitize it! Using Google Forms, you can ask multiple choice, open ended, true-false questions and more. You can use these forms as formative assessments throughout your lesson or even homework assignment. You create the form, give the students the link, and they answer on their devices. Plus, all the answers come to you in the form an electronic spreadsheet - no papers to take up, grade, and pass back out!

Check out these examples for ways you can use forms with your students:

Apps for the Chromebook