NEDP Daily Buzz

April 28

Happy Super Hero Day!

Super Hero means lots of different things; especially in these times. Doctors, nurses, trash collectors, cashiers, and truck drivers are all considered super heroes in addition to our old friends Superman, Spiderman et. al. Today's edition features a combination of both.

Cristina (Mitchell) made this amazing video that perfectly expresses what today means.

National Super Hero Day from Cristina

Hearts Project

From Nanci (Eliot):

Painted hearts are being put on front doors,windows and even in the yard.

These hearts are representing front line workers that are taking care of people. This is a way to show support for all they are doing.

You can draw a heart on a piece of paper , cut out a heart with red paper or even paint a heart on a piece of wood.You can display it on your

front door or window.This is a nice way to show you are thinking of them !

Big picture

From Patricia (Sunita Williams)

I took a pic in front of these beautiful signs that are being sold in order to support Rustic Marlin.
This is a coffee shop ( in Hingham) I love!
Big picture
Big picture
NEDP has LOTS of school lunch heroes that work with us as well as working with the Needham Public Schools. We are grateful to them every day, and celebrate them all week including Friday, May 1 (the official date).