Diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever

Jeff kinney


I finished Diary of a wimpy kid. The genre is realistic fiction. The plot is greg is trying enjoy christmas but then he gets stuck in a cabin. The setting takes place in the house, outside, and in the cabin. The book is about celebrate christmas and help greg get of the cabin. Read and find out what happens to greg.


one of my faverite parts was when Greg wrote a list to Santa.Greg said that he was wasn't looking close enough.Greg also said he was doing good things.Greg thought that would get him off the naughty list.But Greg forgot he was liying to Santa which would keep him on the naughty list this year


one of the worst part was when the mom had a scary doll that she had in her childhood. I'm surprised she is not scared of that creepy doll.Who made that doll?How is she used to it? how are they scared of it?


my favrite characters are greg,rodrick,and rowly.Greg is the main character.He is always funny and can be serious sometimes.Rodrick is the brother of greg and always hurts him. Rowley is a little to childish and is always funny.

why you should read it

you should read it because it's funny.Also it can be realistic.It's also good for kids.this book is rarely serious.This book is awesome!