Career Spotlight

When you're on the job

While you are on the job you would study the earths atmosphere and the way that it works. You would then try and predict what was going to happen in the coming days. YOu would get the priviallige of useing a weather balloon which is a balloon that goes into the air and measures the wind, tempature, and humidity. Being a meterologist helps people stay safe because they tell people whats is coming so that they will be prepared. In order to be a meterologist you must have a bachlors degree in meterology or a related field.  The personality that is best fit for the job is somebody that is facinated with weather and related events. They need to have analysical skills and are able to comunicate with people in scientific language.

What you will get being a meterologist

Being a meterologist you would get an average salary of 89,700 dollars, Companies that may hire you would be the National Oceaniet Atmosphere Association, National oceanict and space association, and the Locked Martin. The projected growth is an average of 7-13%.