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November Council Updates


We wanted to be sure you had seen the talking points from our November 3rd and November 17th NVEA/NVUSD Council meetings.

Here is a link to the NVEA Survey Results that we shared with the District at the meeting on November 3rd..

November 3rd Talking Points:

  • NVEA shared the results of the survey they recently sent to teachers. The biggest concerns were regarding Roomer/Zoomer challenges and safety/cleaning. We discussed these issues in detail to gain a firm understanding of what is causing anxiety and concern. Safety and cleaning issues will be addressed with individual sites. Roomer/Zoomer challenges will continue to be explored.

  • We discussed the reasoning behind taking attendance in the first 10 minutes. We determined that the timing was primarily due to in person students. Therefore, we will amend the directions for attendance to state that attendance for “in-person” students must be done in the first 10 minutes, but teachers can find time later in the period or day to complete attendance for students attending virtually.

  • Overall students/families have been very compliant with filling out the daily health screeners. Some families are still learning to make it a habit. Follow up with specific school sites will happen to address concerns raised by
    NVEA about who is responsible for ensuring screeners are completed before arriving to class.

  • We have a strong, shared interest in examining D/F rates and problem-solving collectively. We also feel it is important to reevaluate metrics for success in the context of COVID-19 Pandemic School.

November 17th Talking Points:

Napa County COVID Update

NVEA raised concerns about the safety of remaining open while Napa County is in the purple tier. We had a detailed and data-driven discussion. According to NCPH, most transmission in the county has happened in homes and social settings; there have been no instances of transmission of COVID occurring in the schools in Napa County to date. The rules for district closure, based on the guidelines are that when 5% of the school population (in person attendees/employees) have tested positive, the school will be directed to close by NCPH. If 25% of schools are closed, then the district will be shut down for in-person learning for a 14 day period.

Grading Change Feedback

We reviewed the recent grading communication and concerns raised by teachers. We agreed to some shared interests regarding grading during COVID-19. Our goal is to provide options to teachers to support students who are trying to work towards a better grade but are struggling with the weight of a D or F. There is an expectation that teachers would implement some grading practice adaptation to reflect these challenging circumstances. Instructional division will work with secondary teachers on council to craft a follow up message providing clarity.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email

NVEA Leadership