Building Two Story Schools

By: Carson, Justin, Spencer, and Sean


When we build schools we take up space. When we build we destroy habitats. Then when we build, animals have to relocate to unnatural places.

Issues & Justification


We are taking up space when we build schools. Animals have to relocate. When we build schools, we are building over living things' habitats.


Animals are coming to unnatural places. There is starting to be too many schools. Organisms are in danger of perishing because their needs can't be met.

Our Proposal: Building two story schools

Our plan is more schools should be built as two story schools because we would not have to build on animals habitats. Having taller schools would mean we could have more classrooms in less space.

Benefits if followed

If you follow more animals will thrive because we are building less schools. If you follow the animals won't have to relocate.

Consequences if you don't follow

If you don't follow they will destroy habitats because we are building over habitats. If we do build over habitats animals will haved to relocate.