The Opportunist Party

By Ryan Kaufman

Who are we?

We are a group of like-minded individuals who believe that the United States needs a change in perspective. The current Capitalism based monopoly ridden militarily crazed and educationally starving status quo of the United States today calls for an overhaul.

We would love to do that overhaul.

Well, what're you gonna change and/or fix?

In short, a lot. But in case that's not enough of an explanation, here's a rundown of the big 3.

But what about (insert criticism here)?

We're glad you asked! We as a political party advocating change welcome and very openly encourage criticism of the constructive nature. In fact, we have a forum set up on our website just for people suggesting ideas and sparking debate. The link is as follows:

Our Website!

Here you can: Look more in depth into our policies (please do, an informed vote is the best vote!), view our goals, debate with others, and ask us questions.