Why People Bully

by: Khalyshia Givan

What is the reason people bully?

Many people bully others because they have been bullied, and they think it is okay to do it to others when it is not. Some people bully others because they want attention or just to feel popular, cool, or even in charge of everyone else.

People get bullied because of the way that person may look or act, for example their behavior, style, actors, glasses, age, or intelligence. The kid that is bullying somebody is because of direct frustration, hurt, anger, and difficulty at home.

Kids have no kind of role model at home or also have poor role model from one or both parents. Like some parents could have abused them or have been the wrong influence, or they might have some kind of disorder(s).

Some people may even bullying other people because of when they had gotten bullied they were emotionally hurt and they held all of their feelings inside. And they decided to take it out on an innocent person or because, ever since they were miserable and they suffered they want that person to suffer and be hurt too.

You've probably been wondering and asking yourself why do kids bully and hurt other children. Now all of your questions were answered to why people bully, where they get it from, when they usually bully, and who they would most likely bully 99% of the time.