Northern Ireland

European Country Discovery Project By Jacob Salazar N4


In this project we need to get a country from Europe and tell the geography and culture of your country like what type of foods, government, history, climate with a bunch of other stuff. My country is Northern Ireland.

Country Basics

The capital is located in Belfast with its flag standing right beside it. The flag has two red stripes that represents St. Georges, they divided into four because there used to be four provinces and now it became part of united kingdom.


Northern Ireland is located in Europe and is right next to Ireland and United Kingdom. Some major land forms are the Ireland coast line, The Moure Mountains, and a bunch of plateaus. They also have some famous land marks like the capital, grand opera house, Botanic Gardens, and the Antrim Castle. Some of the major body's of water are the Lough Neagh , Lough Erne and a bunch more.


Northern Ireland has a GPD of 4.273 Billion dollars in total but instead of dollars they use bank notes. They mostly make Nitrogen compounds, computers, and planes. They have a 17.9 % of people that are less than level one of education and their water sources 98% clear
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History and Culture

The conflict of Northern Ireland during the 20th century is know as the troubles. Over 3,600 were killed and over thousands were injured. Back then they used to were fancy things and they still do now
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Compare an Contrast

They use many different things than we use. They have different foods like the Ulster Fry and they have different money, they use bank notes. Most of Northern Ireland has the sames religions as we do we also use the same language.