Vice President

Cabinet, Agencies, White House Staff, Departments

Responsibilities of the Vice President

  • Helps decide presidential disability
  • Meets regularly with the president
  • Balances a presidential ticket
  • Compromises with congress

President's Cabinet

  • 100 men and women
  • 15 secretaries/departments
  • generally the heads of the federal executive departments
  • Direct the individual departments of the government and advise the president on any matter relative of their department

Federal Bureaucracy

500 departments, agencies, administrations, authorities, and commissions that carry out responsibilities assigned to them through congressional legislation.

Agencies within the cabinets departments

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Independent Agencies

  • NASA
  • United States postal service
  • CFPB
  • Environmental protection agency
  • FCC
  • FEC
  • CIA

President Line of Succession

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National Security Council

Created in 1947 to advise the president on military, foreign policy, National Security concerns and Issues.
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Office of Management

The office assist the president in preparing the annual federal budget and to over see its administration.
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Regulatory Commissions

10 organizations created to be independent from presidential and political party involvement. They report to keep politics out of their operations. Commissioners are appointed by the president and confirmed by the senate.